Sunday, July 8, 2012

Collaboration and Intent

Wollet 2
Barred owl with prey, Lincoln Park - Mark Ahlness
People are watching, and that's good. Much of the activity so far has been on Facebook. Intially, there was a Facebook Page, and then there was a Facebook Group. On Sunday morning Facebookers realized there were actually TWO groups opposing the Zipline in Lincoln Park! It didn't take long for the two groups to merge to one. Collaboration is a prerequisite to the success of any grassroots effort. Join the Facebook Group, and get involved if you can. It's growing and organizing.

This morning I established a Twitter account affiliated with this blog.  If you are a Twitter user, please consider following. If you "tweet" about opposing the zipline, use the hashtag #nozipline

Finally, despite the positive, mellow-sounding name of this blog, make no mistake about its intent. A zipline has no place in a beautiful public space like Lincoln Park. This blog is here to do whatever it can to stop it. - Mark

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